The Company

Maypreen is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that specializes in contract manufacturing and production process of cleaning products. Founded in 2010, the company provides top quality services to clients while cultivating a safe workplace for employees. With four years experience of delivering top-quality services, Maypreen provides custom formulations and produces unique packaging to suit your brand.

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Maypreen’s emphasis on eco-friendly living paves the way towards preserving the Earth and its inhabitants, while shaping a health-conscious community with cleaning products that fight against the unsanitary.


We at Maypreen believe that by investing in people, we invest in the future. That is why we are committed to ensuring our entire team thrives in conducive and safe working conditions. That being said, we are firm believers in quality and safety, be it for our clients or employees of Maypreen.

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  • To continue providing our customers with good quality consumer goods and services that are responsible towards the people and the environment.
  • To reach out to our customers on a more personal level, encouraging them to venture into the market as distributors.
  • To guarantee that customers of Maypreen are able to cater to consumers of their products.
  • To steer the local industry towards a greener future
  • To introduce new employment opportunities.

Investor Relations

We create beneficial, long-term partnerships for suppliers and customers.

Maypreen’s exemplary record in delivering top quality products has ensured a loyal end customer base.

Our company has been consistently rated as ‘excellent’ on our customers’ monthly Quality Rating Performance.

We have been steadily growing and expanding our company since establishing in 2010.

We pride ourselves in being constantly proactive on developing and sharing solutions with our customers.

Maypreen’s principle is – and always will be: “Your Product Is Our Product”.